Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yes finally back...

5/11/2013 3:49:08 PM -


Cardio- Stepmill 45 minutes daily, Saturday and Sunday 1 hour sled each.

Spent all last week in KC, Mo at the CSCCa Natiional Conference. So fun fun but no training. Great conference for our first time!

Mixed some upper and lower today.
-Used long ab strap to do rotator cuff moves with 1 plate on stack. 5 rounds
-Long ab strap pulldowns very slowly 5x10
-very light pec flyes with mini bands. Several sets.
-Light close stance machine squats 4x10
-Dumbell RDLS 5x10
-Other shoulder rehab work various reaching and extending moves

Here is some other info for you. We are hosting a Big Seminar in SC June 29th and 30th. We have a great lineup plus a mystery raw guy who has a very popular blog!Hope to see you there, gonna have some extra surprises for the attendees!

Here is the link:

Register here for the Big Seminar 2 at South Carolina Barbell with Julia L, Vincent D, Dave K, Murph and Matt F*N Rhodes on June 29th&30th

4/29/2013 9:50:55 AM -


Cardio all but tues and thurs. 30 mins intervals and sled on weekend, Monday 45 mins steady(had something I wanted to read!)

Monday Upper
-One arm pulls to chest with rope.
-one arm pushdowns
-One arms chest supported rows
-One arm barbell press
-One arm rope cable pec work.

Heavy sled session for 4 laps. 2 forward and 2 backward.

Doc freed me from the sling(well I walked in without it)he was pleased with the progress and gave me the green light to begin active work with just the arm. His plan is 2 weeks arm work only, 2 weeks 1lb weight,then 2lb for 2 to 4 weeks. I already was doing alittle active work with the pulley exercises so minor tweeking is what will be in the works. Plan is add more active volume during the pulley sessions Do walk crawls with arm with some active on the way down. Will add more volume there as well

4/23/2013 5:40:26 AM -

Itsy bitsy training and rehab

Wednesday, I go to see the ortho and should get released from my sling. The last two weeks I have been doing pulley work with my rehab strap. I had a new one made that was shortented some to make transitions quicker from movement to movement. This work is still mostly passive with some engagement of the rotator cuff in either slighlty above elbow height or on the decent from head to shoulder. So far I have had the arm at about 90 % Rom in the overhead position. Other positions are 50 to 75% ROM. Overall, I feel sorta on track.

Training wise I have been working the left upper side light with a rep in the 8 to 20 range. Lower work consists of leg presses , hack squats, curls, leg extensions, kb one arm swings and snatches. Still getting a couple days a week in.

Cardio is sled and stepmill. Moved into intervals again with the sling off and light holding with the repaired arm.Still fatty though but down to 230ish most days.

Unfotunately, Dale ripped his pec major last week which sets him back obviously . He is scheduled for surgery next week.We weren't sure which part he tore first so I started calling him Pec Minus. I then told him we would make a shirt and call it SCB Train Wreckers 'cause we don't do minor shit, we wreck the train off the tracks when 'tare it up!

4/4/2013 3:10:04 PM -

rehabby and flabby

still knocking down cardio 6 days a week 45 mins to a hour daily. using sled and stepmill as usual. wit me muscle disappering,me flab be showin more. i am not very good at dodging spoons and furks.

rehab now is all passive work for two weeks. the wife is doing this, bless her i know, i thought it would be locked up more but up to 75 to 85 rom in most directions.

i thought i would get back in the bed last week but i dropped my cpap and it died on me. i have to reside to the chair for a couple of weeks itlooks like. much to the shagrin of the dog and 13 cats who now sleep in the bed. otherwise it would sound like snore war in the bedroom. anyhow not awful but nat aseome eider.

3/25/2013 10:16:13 AM -


hey guys,

sorry for not posting. we had a booth at the arnold followed by surgery the day after we got back.oh, sorry for the lower case writing. i amtyping all left handed right now.

the arnold went well and thanks to all who stopped by. the trip getting there and set up was one of the most bad luck ridden events we have done.i will save that story for when i get righty back.

the surgery went well. i ripped the infraspinattus and supra off along with the labrum tear so i called it the trifecta. doc thought the supra was not to be available for repair as it was retracted on the mri. when he got in there, it pulled right 12 suctures later i am put back together. i have 2 more weeks inthe sling then passive work for two weeks then pulley work and rom work.

i got off the dope the saturday after the surgery and have been doing 45mins to a hour daily to get some fatty off and to keep me from training lower body so the arm will heal

gonna get some leg work in late this week or early next

2/19/2013 6:14:06 PM -

Wednesday and Saturday

Cardio stuff 45 mins to 1 hour daily on treadmill with incline jacked up. With the shoulder train wreck I did not want to piss it off or cause more issues by holding onto the stepmill so the treadmill keeps me from jacking it up more

-10 sets of 10 on leg press.
-100reps on abduction machine
-100 reps on leg extension
-one leg leg press for 10x10

-Medium Stance leg press 10x10 with seconds rest per set
-one arm kb pulls 5x10 until the old lady yelled at me, "That is real good for your arm." I was using the left but she apparently meant not dropping it on my toe if the something happened.

I had the MRI on friday which was not comfortable at all. The machine was smaller so I had to put my not so great left arm over my head(remember this the one I tore the rotator cuff off a couple of years back)I also had to hold the, "let me the f%*k out of here button. They play classic rock in the head phones to distract you fromt the repeat from the MRI machine. MY right arm was in a cuff like brace for the pictures. The main pressure point of teh cup was on the worst part of my shoudler so pain and thumping were in sync with the MRI. My only thoughts were how many 3 minute or 5 mins songs I needed to get through to get out. This MRI takes about 15 minutes. They must have been 3 minuters as it seemed like 6 songs passed. I like classic rock but none were enjoyable here. After teh sixth song I almost pressed the let me the f&*K out buttton but luckily it ended.

Tomm morning I find out the good news. The bicep is bleed out decent but not as bad as I thought it would. So keep the fingers crossed that it isn't extensive repair!

I will continue to do longer cardio sessions and lower body rep work. Cutting the carbs out until the surgery so hopefully I can get down about 10lb for the surgery. It is always better when I don't weigh as much.

I am still looking for the frequent surgery discount!

2/12/2013 1:10:03 PM -

Friday ,Saturday and MOnday night train wreck(yes)

Saturday 45mins stepmill, Sunday ! hour sled, Monday 45 mins sled.


-Used new Spud Inc Steel Cable Handle for push downs mixed with dumbell curls(hammer and supinating) with each exercise x20 reps x10 rounds

- Presses with dumbellsx20 reps with quarter dips x20 for 10 rounds

-barbell snatch press for 20 repsx10 rounds

-High suspension strap gms working up to 555x5
-Front squats working up to 365x5
-REv hypers 3x10
-Lots of stretching

-Very short night. Started with Fat bar presses off 2 pads working up to 395x3. Sling shot 435x3, Madddog 485x1,2,pop. Shoulder popped in and out and made some familiar ripping sounds. Subluxation if in ya need the big word. Was able to lift arm and had full range right wneh it happened but as the night went on , it became and still is painful to move.

Called the ortho this morning. One of the first question si have you been here before. I said yes I am veteren. She said, Yes you are!

Last night I called the old lady who was in yoga at the time and left her a text to call me. She calls and says, are you gonna ruin my great yoga night. I say sort of. She said, did so and so quit? No. Okay did so and so quit? No. Well did so and so quit then? No, Well what happened? Tore my good shoulder off. Oh, she says, that is not so bad, at least we have people to work now!

So we will see what he says tomm. I am prepared for the worst already.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Postless Blogger

Here is my last month and half's greatest hits compilation of posts. Well not the greatest but training as it went down!

2/7/2013 5:27:16 PM -


THur 45 mins stepmill

-Box squat with 2 blues and buffalo bar. Started narrow but was able to work it out over the sets some. Still with the leg problems, I did not get near my old stance. 325x2x2,375x2x2,415x2,455x2
-Moved in to just past shoulder for 2 sets with 325x5
-RDLs 365 or 405x5 was the last work set
-Reverse Hypers 3x10
-More stretching and soem traction work.

Brain was tired this morning after training so cardio was alittle tougher. Worked some of the soreness out since we had not done two blue bands for a bit

2/6/2013 1:58:02 PM -


Sunday 1 hour sled, MOn thru Wednesday 45 mins stepmill each

-Floor press 365x5,405x5,455x5ish(last one was sort of there)Used one softee on each set
-Close grip floor 315x10x3
-Dumbell rows 120lbx10x5 sets
-Lying on floor tricep extension with purple double up 4x10
-Seated row with purple bands doubled up 4x10

Decent night floor pressing. The reps were fast but I felt sluggish with them.

2/2/2013 3:42:36 PM -

Friday and Saturday

Friday mixed up training and cardio. It looked like this and was nonstop

-10 mins stepmill

-10minuteish back circuit using
a/Lat saw
b/seated row
c/straight bar pulldown
d/chest supported row
e/Assited pullup machine

-10 min stepmill

-10 min shoulder circuit with
a/push press on machine
b/pull aparts
c/double bars in land mine for side shoulder raises.
d/super fat rope front raises using cable machine

-10min stepmill

-15 or 20 min chest circuit
a/bench press
b/pec deck
c/push up off handles
d/incline dumbell press

I liked this alot. I know it is what it is but it gets some volume in.

-Argued with myself for the whole trip to the gym on what to do on the stepmill for the day. Was not interested in 45 mins steady but I feel like I am cheating when I cut it to 30mins and do intervals. I know it makes not sense, you get more work in with the intervals but guilty is how I feel. Anyhow guilt did not win at the beginning and I settled on 30 mins with interval. Plan was 5 mins warmup, 20 mins of one minute intervals with one min off. So ten total. Well got to the finish with no problem when, "why don't you go for the 45mins with intevals? we have never done that before." Cause it sucks, that is why!,the other says. But says other 1,"You will double win, 45mins and intervals" You got a point , other 1, lets do it!. So off we goes and does the full 45mins with 18 intervals total. I know it makes no sense and is only productive to the others but it is done.

-Purples doubles up with cambered bar off box. Put some briefs on. I still can not go wide so about 4 inches past shoulder width is what i gets. Worked up to 415x2x3 sets. I did several warmup sets.

-Close stance deads off floor. 405x10x3 sets.

-Lots of stretching and traction

-After wed 4 inch Def pulls, these ones off the floor seemed smoother and faster. I know it is only 405, but usually I tire out on 8 or so and forms kinda goes suck ass but they were very comfortable and easier today.
1/31/2013 10:59:31 AM -


THur am 45 mins stepmill


-Pulled off 4 inch block. Worked up to 515x3x3
-Swings with 154lb KB 4x10
-High step up 4x15 leg
-Some traction on hip and IT band with normal stretching.

OK session, light on the training partners but it is always just you anyhow. Bison Head Dale was there along with Hand Job Steve who just had a nice first raw meet in Myrtle Beach. Congrats hand job! New guy Brett was there too. As a rookie, Brett decided to take too much of a new preworkout called Adrenolyn by Black Market. It is cracked out good so Brett was sweating his ass off and talking fast. You know, you sweat alot then you are cold and that continues on for several rounds. Then you go home and stare at the ceiling all night.

1/30/2013 9:31:11 AM -

Saturday and Tuesday

Saturday 45 mins sled, Sunday 1 hour stepmill, Mon 45 mins, wed 45 mins

Another rehabish day where I worked on shit I have been neglecting.

-board on heel squats with broomstick overhead.4x10
-Zerchers 185x6x4 sets
-Rev hypers 3x12
-Machine squats 4x10

-Hammer row and Chest supported rows. 8x10 each
-Swisss bar presses with 25lb on stump strap 6x8
-Bent over chain rear delts4x8
-Hammer shrug machine tricep extensions. Used Monster Multistrap hooked to sleeves of hammer shrug. Then did overhead extensions with it.

/25/2013 1:08:20 PM -



-Standing rope pulls to chest mixed with hammer rows and tricep extensions. 7 roundsx10 reps each

-Presses in monolift laying on boxes.Sort of floor press but low back is off box so it is more like a steep incline. worked up to 265x8x6 rounds. Semi close grip

-KB dead snatch. 5 reps per arm, 12,16,20,24,28,32,40kgx2 sets.

Shitty this morning, well alot of mornings anymore, so put on the ear plugs and enjoyed the music. Much better concentration level not talking to anyone. Usually nobody bugs me when the plugs are in but there is always the one guys who can here the music turned all the way up but still wants to ask you a question. Really I have nothing to be shitty about but somedays it just is.
1/24/2013 10:21:49 AM -


Thursday 45 mins stepmill

-Raw close stance squats with buffalo bar. 325x6x2,375x6x2,415x6,465x6,505x4, 415x8 or 10
-KB flip and squat.Catch the handle of the flip over and let it pull you down in the squat. worked up to 62lbx10
-One leg ham curls 3x10
-One leg ext 4x25 on left,4x10 on right
-Did some traction on the left leg before and after.
1/23/2013 8:39:38 AM -

Tuesday instead of Monday

Wed 45mins stepmill

-Neutral Close grip pulldowns 8x10
-Seated plate press overhead 45lbx20x3
-Standing Plate steep incline press. Leaned over reverse hyper and pressed this way. Worked up to 100lb and 45lb toegether 3x10
-Stability ball dumbell press worked up to 100lbx3x20

Just got the Spud Inc Agamatine in so hit alittle of that and got a great pump. I like this as it has just good pump and circulation in the muscles. I had it made in a powder instead of the cap. I think it hits you better that way.

1/21/2013 2:54:41 PM -

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Wed, Thur, sat 45 mins stepmill, sled 1 hour sunday, Monday 45mins

-Cambered bar Gms,close stance with blue band over top of plates. Work sets 285x3,325x3,375x3,415x2
-Rev hyper with blue band around back from front. This has a nice decompression pull on the upper and mid back. Tried a variant with a band thorugh the hand and one on the back. I liked this alot but it was alittle difficult to hold and thus did not work quite the way I wanted. 4x12
-Ab work 3x8 or 10

-Ball of thunder pulldowns supersetted with long ab strap hung on machine pulldown. 6 sets each.
-one arm plate press with hand in middle of plate. 100lbx5,x6,x8
-Susp strap push upsx20 reps with flyesx8x5 rounds
-rear delts with 25lb plates 4x10

-Conventional raw. 315,365,405,455,495x5 with straps. 405x8 with slow pull off bottom then speed as much as possible to the top
-Light leg press med stance 4x15
-Ab work 3x10

Wednesday smashed me for the rest of the week with the banded gms. So Friday and Saturday were not awesome but survived. Had some leg work done on Sunday that has eased some of the discomfort, but it is still not right. There is wreckage in there in the upper thing and outer quad that won't release. Will continue to work on some stretching and outer quad work.

/15/2013 3:31:56 PM -


Monday 45 mins stepmill, tuesday 45 mins sled

Monday Upper.
-Used a plate loaded shrugger to do rows with to warm up some. 6x10 with 2 plates a side
-Bench with 2 softees raw woriked up to 405x3, sling shot 455x5, 495x4ish. faded on last one, 275x15 or so afterwards
-Incline dumbell with some help from bison head dale. He gave me alittle help on the leftee since it does not like these anymore. worked up to 100lb I thinkx12
-Overhead rope ext 5x15

Dale finished his carb deplete for CBL last week. He lost alot of water in his head. We didn't realize how much till the deplete so newly named Bison Head Dale has been crowned. He sort of has the same facial expressions most of the time so it fits well.

Somehow, we inspired our lifelong bb guy to do CBL. He is making it his own version obviously. He says he,"ain't gunna eat that bullllllshit Spud and Dale are eatin'" Hey at least he is trying. This is sort of like trying to get a Koala Bear to quit eating eucalyptus leaves but somehow it is happening. We will see how it goes!

/13/2013 10:07:31 AM -


Friday, no cardio, Saturday 45 mins and Sunday 60mins sled.

Training Saturday
-Front squats with pause at bottom. 6 setx5
-Rdls 5x5
-Close stance zercher with stump straps and 154lb farmer's kettlebell with pause at bottom4x5
-Abs 5x10

Just light range of motion work. Not fun stuff but lately with the IT band, outer quad and high quad at the insert acting up, it was some needed work.

1/11/2013 1:11:48 PM -

Wednesday and Friday

cardio 45 mins stepmill Mon to thur.

-Box with briefs using the buffalo bar and one blue per side. 415x2,465x2,505x2,555x2
-Light abs
-Stretch before adn after.
-Felt ok for not really squatting much in a couple of weeks.

-Standing abs with standing pulls 6x10 each
-Band seated row 5x10mixed with lying leg raises 5x10 each
-Overhead one arm press with one blue seated mixed with bent over tricep extension with band
-Floor press, worked up to 335x8x2
-Same here, felt ok. On day 7 of the deplete of carbs so maybe I sucked on it from that. Who knows.

The shit strom is still flying hard around me right now but either I am getting used to it or my adrenals dont care anymore as I don't seem to get too jacked. I get more disappointed in people then anything else. I don't know where people's balls and courage to do shit went but I don't see near as much. I guess that is why there is the easy way out and the hard way. Money is really easy to make but finding the right people who want to roll with you and do it are few and far between. Success no matter what it is just taking a first step everyday and rolling with it.Most just can't see the success down the road, the visual or vision if you like. You will take alot of beatings but the guy who keeps rallying when everyone else is scared and calling him a idiot for going on is the one who will succeed. I am the

1/8/2013 9:38:37 AM -

Ssturday and Tuesday

Cardio 45 mins stepmill, Friday, Saturday, MOnday, Tuesday

-Light pulling 315x3x3,365x3x3
-Revhypers 3x12
-Long ab straps pulldowns 5x10

-Assited pullups 5x10
-Chest suppported rows 5x5(each rep with a 2 sec hold at top)
-Flat benchx12 mixed with flyesx10.
- Seated Military press, worked up to 135x10. Not great since there is no infra or supra to help stabilize and support but it was ok once I got going.

I made alot of plans for 2013 both business and training wise. The year started out with a few kicks to the scrotum though. Not anything new so things will get better as we go

1/4/2013 1:35:54 PM -

Wednesday and Friday

Happy New Year!

The last couple of weeks did not involve much training but steady cardio daily to hold back the tidal wave of fat from the holidays. It helped but kept me right about 245.We have started the carb nite 10 day deplete again to pull some of it off. Probablly will run 2 to 3 cycles of that to get the weight down some. Cardio is pretty much 45 mins daily on the stepmill and 1 hour sled on Sundays.

-Light box squats 415x5x5
-rev hypers 3x10 both pre and post
-3x20 leg extentions
-Long ab strap pulldowns 5x10

-100 rep cable fyles
-100 rows on hammer strength
-100 reps tricep extentions
-100 reps kb stability ball press

12/24/2012 9:38:02 AM -

Saturday of all weirdness training.

Saturday, 45mins, Sunday 1 hour, Monday 45 mins stepmill


Some traning days we just do a bunch of training we normally don't do. THis was one of those days. Desi saw a Chuck V exercise where you have mini bands pulling you from the front and bands doubled up on the bar. Totally strange feeling bracing against the pull to the front and the regualr bands on the sides. We did box squats with this and no belt using the cambered bar. Lots of hammy, upper back and abs. Worked up to 2 plates per side 6x2
-Sested gms working up to 300x8
-One arm judo chop swings. Worked up to 72lb kbs x8 per arm
-Leg press Medium close stance 3x15

Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you all for continuing to read my logs. I greatly apprecaite that!

12/21/2012 12:57:49 PM -

Wednesday and Friday

Wed 30mins stepmill, THur45 mins stepmill

Wednesday Training- 3 laps with the Prowler

-Standing Machine Pulldowns 6x10
-Floor press worked up slowly will 315x10
-Plate tricep ext 100lbx4x10 with press burnout on each(old school)
-Machine close grip 2x100
-Oblique Strap concentration curls 4x15 nonstop

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


12/18/2012 3:14:42 PM -


Sunday hour sled, MOnday 30 minutes and Tuesday 45 minutes stepmill

-Long ab pulldowns 5x10
-Swiss bar seated rows 6x10
-Bench with 2 boards. Started with 2 chainsx5 reps and added chain each set work up to 5 chains and 275 barx5
-Close grip 315x5,365x5,405x5
-Pin Military press at forehead level. worked up to 200x5(4 sets total.

12/15/2012 2:44:36 PM -


THursday 45 and Saturday 45 mins stepmill'

-Raw deads, no belt, lots of warm ups then 405x2,405x1,455x1,495x1,545x1
Then took Powerpouhl with 25lbs and did 315x3.405x3x2, Back to raw 405x5
-Close stance leg press with pauses on bottom. 3x20
-Lot of stretching both pre and post training.

The sets with the powerpouls were tougher then I thought. No rushing them on the ascent or descent so the time under tension was good and the powerpoul forces you to sit on the heels more and pull the hips through quicker although it seems like it takes forever to stand up.Lots of ab work with this too. I will include these more through December along with the no belt on any training. Mostly this is to elicit a different physical response then the usual my body is use to and well adjusted throughout the years. I have never gone more then a couple of sessions over the years with no belt. I am interested to see what happens when I put the belt back on.

12/12/2012 1:48:24 PM -

Saturday and Tuesday

OK so ramping up the cardio some. SO last week it was Friday 45mins, Sat 45mins, 60 mins sled, Monday and Wednesday this week 30 mins, Tuesday 30 mins sled.

Since the bug has got eveyone lately and there was a good meet in Hickory put on by Steve Maxson, the gym was dead and it was jsut Mike and Me struggling through some lower body. We did deficit close stance deads using the squat bar and adding a pad each set. I stuck with 325x3x5 or 6 pad raises. When up to 375x3x2 for the last set
-GHR and REv hyper to start 3 eachx10
-One leg hack squat 5x8 per leg
-3x10 rev hypers to finish

Felt like turdzes on Monday so I did Upper on Tuesday.
-Close grip fat bar pulls to chest 6x10
-Standing rear delt worked up to 40lbx10
-Flat Dumbells press 100lb 4x20
-Strive Incline with blue bands for JMish presses 4x12
-3 setsx failure super wide press with this set up
-Little bit of curls

So I watch Ted last night with Mark Walberg adn Seth Macfarlane as the Ted and the entire movie all I could think of was TED was CJ Murphy. The bastaan accent was dead on, every other word was f@%kkkk and he sort of looks like the teddybear. He just needed the grey goatee down to this crotch to complete the look. I felt like I was right back in Bastaan!Funny!

12/6/2012 3:44:04 PM -

Great week so far

Decided to catch something, not sure it it was the flu or a 3 day ass kicking virus. Anyway, Monday to Wednesday was wheeze,sneeze,shat,upchuck chunks. repeat. We had some interviews on Tuesday and Dale was making fun of me calling me Barf Vader as all I seemed to be able to do was breathe out really heavy with short chops of air going in. The wife said I was greenish looking. Late Wednesday some of the fog lifted and I was able to train and do alittle cardio Thursday so it was:

30 slow minutes on the stepmill

-non stop sets of 10 going down the weight stack on the cybex chest press till 4 sets out when the arms and chest locked up. Took a break then did the 4 sets straight to finish
-one arm dumbell rows 30lbx100 per arm, 45lbx25 per armx4 rounds, 65lbx10x10 per arm nonstop. I looked over at this way fatter guy then me working out and I was wheezing more then him. Shame filled me.
-Machine push press and band standing flyes were the finish 100 reps each.

Currently the CBL has been replaced totally by carb fat loading on my body. This has been going on for a few weeks(well probablly 6 more like it)A fatty cakes deplete is in order

Monday, December 3, 2012

A few of 'dem fur ya

12/3/2012 10:08:07 AM -


Sunday 1 hour sled, Monday 45 mins stepmill

-Parallel gms off straps with no belt. Work sets 325x5,375x5,415x5,465x5
-SSB Close stance squats 265x5,165x20
-rev hyper 3x10
-Stretched for 30mins
-Massage work on Sunday.

I added somemore time on Sat and Mon. Mon I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep so why not do alittle more cardio.

12/1/2012 8:26:02 AM -

Wednesday and Friday

Cardio Wed 45 mins stepmill, Saturday 45 mins sled

-Box squat with Buffalo bar, no belt. Work sets 375x2x2,415x2x2,465x2x2
-Leg press close stance 6x8
-Long strap ab pulldowns 4x10
-2 blue bands gms close stance 4x10

-Band pulls to chest for time. 30 sec, 30 sec, 2x1 min
-One arm blue band rows
-Long ab strap pulldowns wide stance 6x10
-Push ups off straps 5x20, 2x50, 1x100
-dips 5x10
-EZ curls 4x10
-Shoudler rehab work between sets of ab work and dips.

Sort of a rebuild and survival phase. Still alot of pec/shoulder and issues in the quad going on. I am doing alot of gpp work and getting some massage work in to reset my joints and alignment. Basically, just a mess and trying to get it back. More then likely I will have to drop back to 230s which is where I felt alot better joint wise

11/27/2012 8:05:12 AM -


MOnday cardio 30 mins stepmill

Monday training
-Tried some floor press last night but the right shoulder an pec aare still not happy. I worked up to 235 and it bit on rep 2 so I canned it there
-Stump strap with green bands pulls to chest 8x10
-Push ups off straps 5x10
=Did lots of rep work
-Green band pushdown 5x20
-Flyes and light presss 3x100
-Long ab strap pulldowns 5x10
-Push press 5x10
-rehab stick work

Guess we will see how it does over the next couple of weeks

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another month for you..

11/26/2012 11:43:11 AM -

Wednesday Friday and Saturday

Stepmill Friday, Saturday and Monday 30 mins each. Sunday 1 hour sled

-Raw box with no belt and buffalo bar worked up to 415x2x2
-Straight bar gms worked up 315x5
-Hangin abs 3x8
-Rev hypers 3x10

-Screwed around on t day and threw the football for about 45 mins playing. So on friday I went to do some speed work and feltthe right side bite up and tighten down so i canned that and just did some high rep work
-225x5x6 sets before it locked up
-Fat rope pushdowns 100 reps
-seated front plate raise 100 reps
-purple band reverse curls 100 reps

-Repeated Chuck V super tight close stance and did some higher rep sets 315x10,365x10,405x10
with no belt
-Leg press with blue bands 5 setx10 with slightly wider then shoulder stance
-Reverse hypers 3x10
-Good bit of stretching afterwards.

11/20/2012 6:56:18 AM -

Monday Training

-Started with alot of neutral grip pulldowns rotating grips 12 setsx10
-Dumbbell press 105lbx10x 8 sets
-Pin press 315x8x4
-Black monster mini front raises 4x10
-Alternating hammer curls 70lbx8 per armx3

Just a get back into session which caused me to cramp all night long.

11/19/2012 2:59:43 PM -

All I can remember

Just gonna start off with this past Saturday treining wise as all last week as I was catching up from the Jay Cutler appearance at the gym, Vegas and the WPC Worlds the prior weekend.

Saturday 30 mins stepmill, Sunday 1 hour sled, MOn 30 min stepmill.

Gonna step the cardio back up for a bit and go lower carb for another week before I start CBL back again. Really had not been following it with all the work,mountains and Vegas all in about 3 weeks. We have not done that much vacation in several years.

Saturday training was nothing heavy, just some deadlifts off the floor with a Chuckie V super tight stance(heels touching each other with toes pointed outward, this makes the glutes work alot harder) 365x3x4,405x3
-Bodymaster squat with blue bands and a couple of plates 4x8 with pauses in bottom
-Hangin abs 3x8
-Rev Hypers 3x12

Went to Vegas with the wife so no drunken escapades(although Murph did try to get me going on Friday night)We did as many shows and exhibits as possible in 4 days and walked 1 billion miles. Alittle fatter then usual made it for some huffin and puffin here and there but not awful. The meet was huge but they had alot of unhappy lifters with equipment on the platforms. Our guys did not make it either day which added to the unhappy lifter pile. Since I had never been to Vegas, me and the wife had a ton of fun and forgot about most everything in the world for a few days. We did all the tourist stuff, Gold and Silver Pawn and then decided to walk around downtown some. We went into this antique store adn browsed around. When we were leaving this, weirdo guy starting talking to us. He was very sloppy weird fat and was about half drunk. The liquor smell was good and strong. It was uncomfortable but we hung in there and listened to his business idea where he wanted to take Grannies out on the town and entertain them. So he takes your granny off your hands for a few hours where he takes her for dinner and drinks. That is all he wanted in return was dinner and drinks and...well if needed he would give granny a happy ending too! That is where we both were looking for the way out of this conversation when he did a cool thing. He pointed us to a studio where artists come in and teach the handicapped how to make various forms of art and then take it to places and sell it to support themselves. Now some of the artists leave their artwork up and sell it which the studio keeps which is super cool. One artist who paints alot of zombie pictures had 10 or 12 pieces on display. Some movies, a evil rabbit zombie, vegas zombies-elvis, sammy davis jr., etc. And....Zombie Santa Clause! Had to have this one so we got it and it will go up at the gym somewhere!. If you want to check it out, it is called studio 8 ten.

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Wednesday and Friday

Wed am 30 mins stepper intervals

Wednesday Night
-Warmed up with some hypers 4x10
-Dale and Mike were finishing up with some light squats before next week's WPC World's in Vegas so I just rolled with them working my stance back out after a few weeks of knees issues. So free squats with briefs. 415x3,455x3,505x3,555x3,595x3x2
-Close stance leg press 4x20 after several warm ups.
-Rev hypers 3x15

Friday Upper
-Fat bar pull downs 8x10
-Chest supported rows 3 plates 4x10
-Neutral grip assisted pulls ups 6x10
-Pec deck with bands 6 or 7 sets x10
-High rep rope work with both single arm and double shoulder work 15 sets
-Sat down on floor and did one arm and two arm overhead tricep extensions(french press if you want to visualize it) 4 rounds of 2 exercise x failure each exercise.

Saturday we went hot air ballon riding with the wife's dad, his sister and nephew. The whole process is cool from set up to riding in the picnic basket. At first it is alittle crap your pants but then you realize you are pretty safe in the picnic basket. We grazed the tops of trees, scared horses adn waved to angry people on the ground as we skimmed not too far over their house's. Most didnt' mind but there is always a jack ass who doesn't want you to see what is going on in his backyard. After a bit, mw and the nephew hung over the side and tired to spit on stuff. This was fun but the spit too forever to land. Landing is pretty much finding a spot big enough to land in. The crews follow you around the country side and when it is time they are the ones to ask the owner's of the houses if it is cool if we land in there yard. Usually by then you have already landed. It is a pretty fun ride so if you get a chance try it. Will have to make up training on Sunday.

This week will be crammed up with getting ready for jay Cutler on Thursday and then waking up ass early friday to catch the plane to Vegas!

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Sunday usual 3 laps heavy sled drag 30mins, MOn and Wed 30 mins stepper

Friday am
-Standing rope pulldowns 8x10
-Banded dumbell flyes with green band 4x10
-Kb presses off stabilty ball worked up to 72lbx10
-Band pull aparts 4x20

-Box pulls conventional raw with hook grip
455x3.495x3.545x3.585x3.655x0.0.1 Could not hold the hook on 655 so had to go to straps
-Powerpoul around the gym with chainsx3
-Hack squats with green band doubled up 5x6
-Rev hypers 4x12

-405x2x4 raw wtih two softees
-315x10x2 with one softee
-Green band pushdowns 4x12
-Hammers 4x10
-BW dips 3x10

Training has been ok. Still working the CBL with alittle midification. The 250lb bloat from a couple of weeks ago subsided and I am better 250lb now. Gone with off days as no carbers so 3 out 7 seven days are this protocol. Weight is steadily going up with slight BF loss which is the goal for me

Work wise we have Jay Cutler coming next week for a visit to SC Barbell which will be cool. He will be hanging out on Thursday November 8 from 430to 630 if anyone is interested. Should be alot of fun so I have been in the gym alot this week getting it cleaned up and ready for the fun. He has a RV with his face plastered on the front and sides of it. That will be fun to have in the parking lot!

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10/15, 10/17, 10/22,10/24

10/14 4 plates sled for 2 laps, 10/15-10/17,10/22.10/24 30 mins intervals each day.

MOnday alittle shirt work that did not work. Worked up to 545 off 1 board but it was crappy. Put on sling shot and did 405x5, 455x3,
-pinky ring 4 board worked up to 365x5
-pull downs 6 setsx10

Wednesday 10/17
-Reverse Hypers 4x10
-Close medium stance free squats in briefs. Knee was still achey so I worked up really slow 335x3x2,385x3x2,425x3x2,475x3x2,515x3x2,545x3x2
-Wide stance leg press with pauses. 6 sets working up each setx8 reps per set
-MOre reverse hypers to finish 3x10

Took off for a couple of days to Asheville so no training Friday or Saturday

-Bench with 2 softees worked up to worked up to 315x5 raw, then sling shots for 365x5,405x5,455x3,505x3
-Alittle closer then pinky ring close grip raw, 3 board/275x5,2board/315x5,1 board 365x5,to chest 405x4
-Mini Band pull aparts 4x15
-Hammer curls 3x25

-Free squats with briefs. It was a better week and I worked my way out as the sets went on. Still went up slow. No weird pains this week in the knee so that is good! 345x3,395x3,435x3,485x3,525x3,585x3,615x3
-Close stance leg press partials 5 or 6 sets x15 to 20 reps per set.
-KB double swings x8 reps per set
-KB double santches x8 per set
-Used 20kg, 24kg, 28kg for weights.
-Reverse hypers 3x15

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Friday and Saturday

friday Am
-Started with KB standing French press doing 10 reps per weight and ending with the 106lb kb
-Made 1 arm hammer rows out of the Hammer incline press. Ended with 3 plates per sidex10 repsx3 sets. Lots of warm ups along the eay
-Used double length green bad for tricep pushdowns 5x10 repa
-SLight incline press and flye combo. 5 reps press with 5 reps flye for 8 sets

Ssturday Am
-Back was cranked up so did 4 warm sets with rev hyperx10 reps
-Lower shin rack pull with short grey band doubles with 315,405,455,495, 545. went down to 500x1 hook, then 500x3, then 455x5 or 6
-Stiff leg with heels on 2 pads worked up to 405x4
-Rev hyper with more weight 4x12
-Parital bw squats 3x50

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A month for you

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Training 10/10 and Day3 and 4 in Baaatan.

Wednesday 30 mins stepper

Wednesday Training
-Still taking it easy on the knee so no squatting. We did some light deload suspended goodmorning with the cambered bar. 4 platesx5x5. Just worked on speedhere

-Leg press semi wide stance. 8 setsx8 reps adding 100lb per set.

-Box squat box jump. 4x5 reps

-Reverse Hypers 4x10

Day 3 in Bastaaan and Day 4 Murph/Dale's Awesomely painful Sunday Hangovers!!

After Friday night's Brown Jug Pizza and Diet Coke Festival and the 80's nightmare there, we all went to bed sober for a good night of sleep for the long day of MASS Straungman Show and the other known quanity of Irish drinnking that Dale was not prepared for.

The show was put together fast in the morning. They all had done it so many times and even Murph said it was the most prepared show he had ever put on. Of course, he did nothing and was proud of it until the mic was put in this hand.Hell, the prize packs for ALL of the lifters were awesome and that was not counting the prizes for the winners and 2nds/3rds. My pride was too much to not help which Dale helped as well to set up the show. After sometime, I realized we were more in the way but we did help out! THey had many tables set up for the spectators, beer kegs, dogs, burgers and brats!

After getting in the way setting up, me and the Daler found some chairs by Murph and watched it unlfold. None of his events were easy but the coolest part was the 12 or so chicks that were doing the show together. I think they called themselves NEWS(ne women of strength,sorry just guessing here) Anyhow, they all had more guts and determination then most of the dudes. The women seemed to prepare more for their jobs and performed as a TEAM more then most of the men. Not all just most, it was just more fun to watch them try as hard as they could with no quit.

I kept slathering the sun block on as the day wore on. Murph let me borrow his "Go to hell hat" and kept trying to get me to help him mc the show. I said you want ot keep this a pg family event then you probablly don't want me on the mic.

In between set ups for the events, I would people watch and this one girl was a train wreck waiting to happen. She was pounding beers nonstop. I think her boyfriend or signifigant other was in the contest. She would lget two drafts at a time and this was every 20 to 30 mins. As the events rolled by her face got redder and redder. This was not the sunburn as it was bright red within a hour. Her lips poked out and her eyes began to droop drunk as her body loosened up from the dranks. I thought for sure she would puke on the contestants. As the immeinant vomit was brewing, I think her Sig O or one of her family members interviened as the projectial vomit did not happen and suddenly the beer cups stopped a flowin and water or soda saviors began to descend. Don't worry though, even though this lass was saved, puketh does flyeth later in the night and also the next day!

I managed to fight off the beer gods all day. The temptations were there but, in days of past the night ends quickly as the drink starts early. Plus, ther is always the darkness where everything is great and fun then blam you wake up with only vague slides passing though your head and the sense that you did alot of dumb drunken things the night before but they are still fun. Now, some price has to be paid for the drinks that were not drinken and luckliy they had pleny of brats there to keep the belly full. We watched the show and they all sort of melted into each other as Murph had multiple setups for each event. The only time I think I really paid alot of attention was when the girls were up. They really did a good job...

The cool part of the show is all the proceeds go to benefit a veterans home in the area.This is very important to Murph. So there would be people hanging outside the gates who did not want to pay to get in but watch the show anyhow. Murph harassed then endlessly until they left or came in like, "All the proceeds from spectator fees goes directly to the veterans so don't sit outside the gate and watch for free.", as he stares directly at them witht he mic in his hand. Some came in right away, while some stared directly ahead and did not look at Murph or the crowd for that matter. I guess they thought he would give up but Murph does not and continues on until you A/Comply and pay the fee for charity or B/Get the F outta hereee...Nobody rides for free at this show. The day rolled on and the show ended and immediately everyone pitched in to help clean up. Dale and I did our part to get in the way and help but really we werent alot of help..

Once the show was all packed up, well torn down, the festivities began which means PBR on draft and 30 year old whiskey. NOrmally it drinky drinky time but I was starving and my stomach was stiil beat up from hard hight at King Arthuurs on Thursday. Dale was apprehensive as well about hammer time with the beers. This did not slow anyone else down including the youngees. One girl who works for Murph was drunk way before the party started. I will leave the names out, maybe for the moment anyhow, of the predrunks. After about 45 mins while money was counted and other show sutff was being done, I finally gave in and had a cup of beer. It made my tummy hurt badly so I drank slowly plus I did not want ot get hammered at 6 pm. In between drinks I had full glasses of water which is very unsual for me. This turned out to be my life saver by the end of the night.

Meanwhile, I had to make the obligatory wife call. She was pretty ill as we had some employee issues going on but mostly I think it was we were there and she was at the house! The call went on much longer then usual so I missed 30 year whiskey in the office. Dale did not miss this nor did Murph who was saving this bottle for quite sometime. This was probablly another act of divine intervention for me not getting involved with that. I did get harassed while I was on the phone as is customary in all heavy drinking situations. After my duty call, I caught the back end of the whiskey gathering and managed a small shot where I almost vomited myself. I did not let on that the whiskey went down some, came back up some and finally settled like I was getting shanked in the belly.

Partytime was cranking by the keg and talk of keg stands began. One of the guys there who lost a bet was the first to start off the keg stands. For his bet, he was suppose to wear a bikini for the last event. He did not wear it. It was deccorated by the girls jsut for him with bedazzles and anything shiny. He did place in the show so at trophy presentattion time, he appeared in his two piece bikini and upheld part of the bet. But getting back to keg stands, the youngee from earlier made a attempt at this. The kegs were by the stairs going up to the 3rd level. I guess her thinking was she would come over the top of the stairs and everyone would hold her up. I don't think anyone understood this so she basically sort of just clmibed over and straddled the kegs. This already looked like a bad fetish porn(keg ride with alot of pun there!) Oblivous to her surroundings including her legs she then wanted to make the keg stand attempt. Still not knowing how this was going to work with her crotch ride over the tap, one of the other girls walked over and began pumping the keg handle up and down to "prime the keg" I presume. This only made the situation look even more weird. I said I dont think it is suppose to go there. Drunk girl sort of realized this by now but she was too far to quit now and finished her keg ride to a standing ovation. Oddly , she had to open the next morning. I asked Murph if he was concerned or should make other arrangements but he replied, " She does betta when she drinks" Apparently , she went up stairs and passed out so she would not have to go home! Good drunk thinkin. there!

After a hour or so everyone is stavin' so Murph orders the Brown Jug pizza and parm only three times as many boxes as we hand Friday night including gaaalic and baaacan, his fav. The food took alittle over a hour , maybe a hour and half so drinkin' contiued and some shots flowed. I continued the beer then water route as each beer was shredding my stomach up at the time. I think i managed a couple of small shots. too. As most know, as the drinks multipy, the decibels go way up, the shit talkin' quaddruppled and the flirting is at porn pace. My buzz is such that i am having as good time but I am actually able to pay attention to what is being said and done....Russ the Mustache, he is called this because of his 70s porn mustache he has,. is doing cartwheels down the hall. so everyone goes towatch and cheer this on. The 'stache' also likes to wear shorts that look like the old coach shorts from the 80s, tight and short. I never understood this look, but this was the 80s and guys wearing the sleeves cut off and half shirts were the craze.too. Painfully early stages of metroism I think.

The pizza arrives and all dive in like soliders in boot camp given 5 minuites to eat. This is the best picture I can draw. It is fast and furious and nobody gives a shit how they look. Alittle sobering happens for 20 to 30 minutes but then drinking commences again. This is the point where I see Murph and Janes daughter talking at first. Janes daughter(Maria I think, terrible with names sorry) is young and in college, also she is tanked right now.. At this age and time you read a few books, go to class, experience some new freedoms in life so you think you know something about sometihng. You are developing your opinions that are YOURS. They belong to you and you alone. Basically you are discovering yourself so you really think you know something about the world because you read it in a book or saweer it on tv! You are a beliver in what you believe wholeheartedly! Of course, being drunk totally intensifies these feelings and defending them at all costs is the call of duty! This is where I pick up the scream-a-thon between Murph and Jane's Daughter. I really can't rememeber what they were hollerin' bout but he would say you don't know wtf you ar talking about. She would come back that she is entitled to her opinion. He would counter saying no you don't. You havent lived long enough. You don't know shit about shit..This goes on for about 10 minutes at least. I am 3 or 4 feet away listening and chiming in some becasue it is fun and I want to get her even more riled up. She is screaming and elbowing Murph as he is about a foot away from her face yelling at the top of his lungs at her. She does not back down and yells even louder, you can't tell me what to think or do..blah..blah still trying to defend HER views. Murph's eyes are as wide as a meth head after a hit(he looks like one too!) as he gets a few inches from her face. After awhile, it is to the point of fist-a-cuffs(almost). She is deep into the moment thinking it is real and this something she must defend to the end. I finally lean over the baaarr and say, "You do know he is f'in with you, right?" Murph, is still meth-eyeed and in her face, when he stops, looks over at me and starts laughing 'cause the jig is up. She is stil in the moment and it takes her s second so I say it again, You do know Murph is f'in with you? He doesn't give two shits about what you are talking about? I think she finally got it but she kept on tryiing to defend her situation becasue that is all she knew at that moment, zero wisdom. Wisdom is what you learn plus what you actually do in life. She kept rattling on so I finally look at her and say, "I can't take you serious with those eyebrows! They are pointy like the Little Devil cartoons. For the young here, they looked like a L with the point straight up in the air.

More drinking continues and continues; Suggestions to go to a baaar begin to fly and talk of a baar in Cambridge arises. Agreements are made to go e and everyone begins to disperse. I thought we would be able to get a shower and change of clothes earlier in the day but that would not be the case. So all day stinky t shirt, gym shorts and smelling like sun bloc lotion is the axe fragarence of the eve. Off we go to the first baar. We get there late and most everyone has been there for a bit. It is more of a restaurant. We get a drink and pretty much everyone decides it is time to go home or off to another baar. This would be the trip to the cambridge baar. Everyone is drunk, Murph is screaming loudly, Mary is sober aznd driving us around, Dale is Dale(just for the moment) I am in the back with Steve who looks like he took a ruffie. He is zoning in a out. I ask him if he is ok. He gives me the thumbs up. I ask Murph which Steve this is and this is Weightlifter Steve. Murph says he is a good drinker but he is not looking so good. I position him by the window in case of vomit emergency as that is what it looks like is coming.Dale is still Dale but loosing up a bit more and close tobreaking I can tell; He is a drinking maching and honestly until this night I had never really seen his expression change too much. Surprisingly my buzz is really good but not teh close of the movie where it goes dark as usual drunkness. There are about 6 of us crammed in Murph's truck. I continue to monitor Weightlifter Steve's condition. His head is laying over, eyes are deer in the headlights and pale white sweat is all over him. I roll the window down and ask him again if he is ok. He continues to mutter that he is good and I get another thumbs up. We finally arrive at the baar in Cambridge we are suppose to be at. Weightlifter Steve says he is going to stay in the truck. My thoughts are puke truck party for the ride home.

The baaar....I am expecting some really cool hangout. It is ok but dead...the rest of the crew did not show up yet. we found some people in the back Murph knew from the gym Maybe they got the message to come here too but I did not remember them at the gym at all.. I am looking around and nobody is near ALL. I get up to go to bathroom and take a look around and realize we are in weakbackbone central. Everyone is about 140 to 150lb with absolutely not a lick of muscle anywhere. The staff all seem light in the pants and it feels like the bar scene in Good Will Hunting where everyone is trying to be king of the wordsmith hill, ok douchebaggeryville maybe the right term here. We are the hoodlums here and we are getting stares as such,well more like averted glances. They are afraid to serve us which is the wrong move with Murph and this gang. About this time we are all still in the back, BY OUR SELVES, and remember I how talked about Dale is Dale and he expressions and demeaner are the same no matter the situation. He has told me in the past he was drunk the night before but honesly I could never tell the difference. but not this time. Apparatnely the 30 year whiskey I missed earlier at the gym, while I was phoning in with the mad ass wife, finally caught up with him and also the 20 plus beers added in too were bashing his brains like a wave on a beach. Now, I have never seen this but in brief instances where he is caught off guard because, most of the time he is like his favorite stoic character from the Green Mile-Coffee, but I happen to glance accross the table and see Dale with the biggest shite eating grin I have ever seen. He actually looked happy adn was just in the moment. That perma-grin did not leave the rest of the night! That alone made the trip awesome!

Murph goes off to the bathromm as loud as a townee can be. He is gone for a bit and all of the water starts hitting me so I head off to tha head too. Murph comes out of the bathroom about this time and is screaming at me in a bar that is not that loud, "Dude, this guy just asske me for permission to pee!!" He says it a couple more times , I think to let the "locals" hear him. I am lauging about this as I go to take care of my business. I come out to Murph at the bar screaming at the baartender for some drinks. He is 140lb wimp as described earlier with glasses and a tight kiddie size shirt on. sort of plaidish which should reserved for a tougher sort of man. He is trying to be nice and does his best to deal with Murph leaning over the bar screaming at him for drinks since we really couldn't get any service otherwise. Murph is still bringing up the dude in the pisser who asked for permission to pee at the bar. I don't know if that dude was right there but we were not welcome at all there. The toleration contiued for about another 30 minutes and finally I said let's get out and go somewhere else. Murph had a suggestion and this is probablly one time we should have gottten a second opinion.

Murph, not really into the bar scene anymore, made a suggestion to go the Cove. A baaar he used to go to all the time. The place to be, well back in the day. Dale and I don't know shit here and I think everyone else was too drunk to comment or didnt know themselves. Mary kindly drove us there. It is down by a beachy bay part. It is old and run down like most every place we went but that is Bastaan.BY now, we had gotten rid of Weightlifter Steve and a couple of others so the truck was a normal ride, well except for drunken Dale and Murph! The bar is up a flight of stairs that looks like a old beach house. We walk in and Jesus F'in Christ, the same people from teh Brown Jug 80's bar are here! I do belive the same bartenders from the 80s are there too. It felt like the people there had never left the bar. Obviously we get stared at again as I don't think this place had seen that much action in many many many years. Murph tried to make the best out of but it sucked bad. We decided sicne we were here to take a couple of shots anyhow. I had to go with Jagermeister as teh Jameson made me almost throw up. I got it down and drank on a beer for a minute. For some reason, I went out to the car which was downstairs in what seemed like the woods to use the bathroom. While I down there, I can hear the people fromt eh out side deck/porch talking and instead I could hear Murph screaming. THen it stopped and I hear Murph make his way out the porch telling people to get out of his way. He makes it to the railing and begin throwing up a couple of mimutes. The people on the porch are yelling at him to go outside and inbetween vomits he asks them if they want him to puke on them. They shut up and leave him alone. He conintues to heave for another minute or two, I am laughing at the bottom of the stairs as is customary in all heavy drinking and puking dude fest. I get him and we round up everyone. Murph had neglected to tell us that this hotspot was hot like 20 years earlier. He did try to save himself and say it was still hopping a few years back but I am sure it not hopped since the late 80s or 90s when they put the carpet down. The drinking was done and now it is drunk eating time...

We roll over to Kelly's which is by the beach and is a awesome burger placewell known all over). There is no seating so you have to go accross the road to a covered area with picinic tables by the water.. As with any drunk eating fest, the food is always awesome no matter how it really is. But this one was actually awesome plus. As is also customary all food is eaten, no matter who pukes earlier in the night. The ride home was still loud and drunk as toned some as we were dropped off at the hotel. We said our goodbyes and me and very drunk Dale called it a night.

Day 4 The Poop Deck

Ah, the next morning. I wake up round 8 or 9 and feel pretty good. I am alittle tired but really feel good. I am starving and call Murph. He is talking slow and there is no Bastaan flare in his voice at all. He agrees to come get me and we go to breakfast at the same place he has eaten breakfast every morning for at least 20 years. He orders the same thing he has been eating since he started carb back loading several months back. The owners which I think are Arameans, greet him as always. THe owner looks at him and says in his accent, "Murph , you don't look so good. Your friend looks good but you not so much." Murph in a low hungover voice, says we were out on the town. He suffers thorugh every bite of breakfast while I am alert and chipper and telling him some of the previous night's fun. After breakfast, he has to go and drops me off at the hotel. I tried to get Dale to go to breakfast but for the first ever , he told me was not hungry and wanted to sleep. When I got back to the room, Dale was still laid out and sleeping. He did not rememeber me leaving or coming back!. I tried to nap for a bit but it did not go well so finally around 1pm I text Murph to see if he would take us around Boston for a bit and see some sites. Normally, this is a hell no but he made a exception for the Spud. He comes to get us and Dale is finally up and sort of wanting to go out. But before we leave, Dale has to go to the bathroom. I am waiting for a few minutes watching TV and he comes out. He then tells me he just threw up! I didn't even here the toliet seat being raised. This has to be the quietest vomit in the world! Dale does not throw up so this is trully monumental! We are ready to go!

Now, neither of them wanted to go out anywhere on this day. Murph brought his son, Deckland, with us who provided alot of the entertainment. We decided on going to see the USS Constitution which I believe is the oldest us naval ship still in existence. Not sure though so don't hold me to that history buffs. First though we went on a a WW2 Destroyer and that was cool. Deckland was leading most of the way since Dale and Murph were dying with every step. Somehow the poop deck got mentioned and from then on out Deckland wanted to see the "Poop Deck" So began our quest for the "Poop Deck". After wandering around for a bit, we headed to the USS Constitution. Now this has a small museum before you go to the ship and you have to pass a checkpoint. This is where Murph had to step back. He forgot that he had his concealed weapon with him. You can not go with with a concealed weapon obviously so he hung outside the fence. I think Dale wanted to crawl off and die but he hung in there as we took Deckland to the ship. The ship had two tours, one guided and one without. Without means you can walk around the deck but you don't get to see the decks below. I figured it was easier for Dale on the unguided. The ship is awesome as we checked out the canons, masts, sails, etc. You could hear the guides below and everytime we passed a opening to a deck below he yelled I want to see the "Poopdeck". where is the "Poopdeck" So for 30 minutes, the poopdeck was the talk of the ship. I did think for sure he was going to dive down one of the openings below but he did not and a very disappointed Deckland did not get to see the "Poopdeck" Outside the fence, we caught up with Murph and off we went.

Over thebridge to downtown we went. We hit Charlestown adn toured the Bunker Hill monument. THis was really a site to walk on and feel. It some nice grassy knolls where the girls lay out and younger people hang out. I said if they really understood what went on here and how the hill talks to you if oyhu listen, they would not be just tanning themselves and killing time. You are able to go up the monument and Deckland really wanted to go but there was no way Dale or Murph would have made it without paying some price so we all passed on it. We cruised downtown and stumbled upon the Saint Athony's Feast Festival. Just blocks and blocks of people and vendors making great food. adn selling fun stuff. We were just walking down one street and some guys yells, "Hey Murph!" It is one of the guys Murph has helped and trained ih the past who lost a ton of weight. The guy's family owns a bakery downtown. We get a free homemade canoli. It is good and I watch Dale struggle to eat his. It is more slow and methodical then usual This is the worst I have seen him. He really does not want to eat or move! Now Murph nevers goes downtown ever and on this occasion we run into his friend. He asks Murph if he wants anything to eat. He insistes we come back in awhile and pick it up. While we are waiting and just hanging out,, a ballon guy is entertaining the kids and Deckland gets what he calls a Batman ballon hat some and what looks like a t rex dinosaur. We walk off for a bit and check out other things while the food is being prepared. When we get back, there is another ballon guy on stilts so these two ballon guys are dueling with each other for all of the kids attention. The first guy who was super slow to begin with and sat in a chair is suddenly up and smiling and doing much better ballon toys then he did for Deckland and the other kids. The slow guy kept eyeing the Ballon guy on stilts and I thought for a moment it was going to be hell in the cell with the ballon guys. I was wondering who would win this battle. It was sort of a breakdance contest with old guys and ballons. Two boxes and a huge bag of food later we are all done and it is suppertime.

The fun is over and we have a really nice supper at Jimmy's Steakhouse. Murph shows us the largest chinese restaurant i have ever heard of. He estimated it to be 200,000 all together. He then shows us another chinese restaurant that tried to compete with them! It was even bigger and sat of top of a hill! I am still amazed. He says that the first chinese restaurant packs them inall the time. And it is multi story!. So ended the many days un Bastann

We had a great time and thanks to a great host Murph for taking care of us and keeping us laughing the whole time!.

Trainin since the 24th of September

Wed and Monday 30 mins stepmill, Sunday 30 mins sled drag heavy 3.5 plates for 3 laps(mixed forward and backward)

Still sticking to the three, 30 min sessions with the CBL. This is week 3 after the 10 day deplete. BW is back up to 244 but less BF. I have not brioke out the calipars but the BF loss is very visible in the face and most of the abs are coming through. Still along ways off from any real evaluations but thus far it has been really great mentally to not have to do 1 hour 3 times a week of cardio and be good all week to be at 20% to 25% BF. Additionally, the sheer glutonny at night is awesome. Now the goal is not be super lean and hard and all that. The goal is to be 255 to 260lb at 15%BF. I have been following Murph's plan meal wise until he gets me a menu which honestly I don't think it will differ too much calories wise. The other goals are to continue to add size and just be a big thick baaastad and get back in to some comps(i know finally, right!)


-Presses with 2 softees to 365lbx3 reps.

-Worked up to 130lb flat pressx 10

-Side raises 30lbx4 setsx8 reps mixed with hammer curls

-Steep incline press(almost military press) with one dumbell. Worked up to 130lbs

-Overhead Triceps ext 6x10


-Right knee was severely inflammed and wanted nothing to do with wide stance work so I have to settle for hack squats keeping the stance close and alitte wider then medium. 3 plates per side for 10 to 12 sets adding reps each set and ending with 20 reps

-One leg press, just trying ot work the range of motion. Usually it is the left leg that sucks but this time it took up for tired righty 5 setsx8 per leg

-reverse hyper 4x10

-backwards sled for 1 lap with 3 plates

-Rack pulls at knees close stance with grey short bands, 4 platesx3x3 or 4 sets


-Hammer rows mixing neutral grip on one side and palms down on other hand. Worked up to 3.5 plates per sidex8 reps per set

-Super wide grip pull ups with monster mini and red mini assist. 8x10

-Steep cable flyes mixed with push ups off stability balls set up with space in between for paused stretch at bottom 8x10 per sets

-Long ab strap pulls down with extreme wide stance and used bands as resistance 6x10

-Scott curls using 35lb chains 4x9 per arm


-Did a few light sets of close stance box squats with cambered bar.

-Desi brought us a homemade Powerpoul so I used that for close stance box squats working up to 100lbx10 reps. About 6 sets total.

-Rev hypers 4x10

-Backwards sled for 1 lap with 3.5 plates

-Some semi stiff leg deads working up to 4 plates for 5x3

-Dale and Chauncey had the awesome idea to walk around the gym with the PPoul and after 2 or 3 laps, I could not take it and jumped in for 2 laps


Missed Monday night. I went for a massage-a trois with 2 massage rolfers here in town. Trust me there was no fun. Barbera is thick and tough like a dude and Blake looks like a small homeless man with shank knives for elbows. I have described the 10 series before with these two. I have needed some serious work for awhile and I finally broke down to get it down as they are the best in the state in my opinion. So Tuesday training was a make up.

-Flat dumbell press with super fat spud rope standing pulls to chest to warm up. round 6 or 7 sets total. Then the press work was 130lb for 3x10

-THen higher rep volume flat dumbell work descending weights while increasing reps. 80lbx6,75lbx8,70lbx10,65lbx12,60lbx14,55lbx16,50lbx18,45lbx20 pretty much nonstop.

-Lying dumbell tricep extension with dumbell hangin off back of bench. With each set of 8 reps on extension, I added 5 dumbell pullovers. Worked up to 105lbs on the weights

Wednesday 10/4

-Still having right knee issues so did some close stance work free squats. 325x5x4

-Above the knee conventional pulls hook grip for 585x3x3, the 675x2.

-4 plates for 1 lap walking backwards sled

-4x12 rev hyper

Friday 10/6

-Started with pulldowns and seated rows 6x10

-Dumbell rows, worked up to 125lbx10 per arm x3 sets

-Machine press 5x10 heavy

-Dips with purple bands 3x10, 2 sets to failure, just body weight

Saturday 10/7

-Front squats with harness. Worked up to 225x5 to warm up. Paused in bottomech rep.

-Pulls off 5 inch boxes. Raw, Conventional and hooked grip. Worked up to 600x3

-Sled drag backwards with 3 plates and Powerpoul with 25lb. Had to stop 4 times for break. This was tougher then I thought but not god awful.

-Rev hypers to loosen up 3x10


-2 laps with 4 plates sled drag with backwards and forwards pulls. 30 min


30 mins am stepper

Monday Pm

-Bench with 2 softees worked up to 3 platesx5. Put loose shirt 455x3/3 board,495x2/2 board,

495x2/1board, 495x1 to chest. Took off crappy shirt and put on madddog sling and did 455x5 or 6, 405x8 or 9

-3 board close grip worked up to 4 platesx5

-Neutral grip pull ups 3x failure

-Hammer press, worked up to 3 platesx10x2

/24/2012 9:51:10 AM -


Wed, sunday and Monday 30 min stepmill with various intervals.

-Crappy box squats. 595x5x5
-Rev hypers 4x12
-Pull thorughs 5x10
-high step ups with 35lb chain. 4x8 per leg
-CLose stance zerchers with front squat harness. Worked upto 365x6x2

-Speed floor press 275x3x3
-100 reps close grip
-Pulldown handle with balls of thunder. 8x10
-One arm pushdowns with ball handle 6x10 per arm

-Worked hook grip with old metal deadlift suit on. Not much on it but alittle help in the bottom with some good camel toe.
Work sets 585x2x3,585x1 with s miss. Moved stance in some for a semi sumo width and did 495x3x2 for some extra hook work
-Barell step ups 3x6 per leg
-Rev hyper 4x10
-Below paraell suspended gms off straps work sets 325x5x3

9/18/2012 8:34:24 AM -


Last of the hour stepmills for awhile, Mon and Wed 1 hour each. Thursday was the last day for the Carb Deplete phase(10 days of 30g or less) with Friday being the First day of Carb Back Loading. Going to go to 30 min interval sessions on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and evaluate after a month to see where the adjustments need to be on this program.

Monday Training

-Raw bench worked up sets of 3 225,275,315,365. Loose mad dog sling shot to chest 405x3,455x3

-Dumbell inclines sets of 20 worked up to 70lb

-Close grip pulldowns 8x10

-Spud Inc cable handles lying tricep extensions with chains. 6 setsx10 to 15

-One arm machine curls 4x8 per arm


-Box squat with Buffalo bar and briefs 465,505,545.595,635,685x2. 685 set was ugly but doable especially after a 10day carb deplete.

-Step ups x6 per leg with green band over top of legx4 sets

-Blue band pull through 4x10


-Flat supersetted with Incline Volume added 20lb per set for 7 rounds

-Purple band overhead tricep ext 5x20 per arm

-Seated Fat Rope Rows 8x10

-Alternating KB presses 5 setsx 10 working up each set

-Raw pulls conventional and sumo working hook grip. Warmed up 2 cons,2 sumo up to 405,495x2 sumo, 545x1sumo, 585x1 sumo, 635xmiss(lost grip as hand caught knee sleeve. Went down to 495x3x2,495x5
-Blue band close stance squats/1 bluex10,2bluex10x3
-One leg hamstrings curls using stability ball 4x8 per leg.

Sunday-30 mins interval on stepmill 1 on 1 off for 12 rounds

Monday am 30 mins stepmill with 2 on 1 off for 7 rounds

MOnday training
-Bench raw with 2 softeees worked up to 365x3,single ply sling shot 405x3,maddog sling 455x2
-Slightly inclined flat bench. Worked up to 130lbx8 or 9 reps
-Strung purple accross top of power rack and did straight arm lat/tricep pulldowns 6xx10
-Spud inc super fat rope tricep extensions 5xfailiure

9/8/2012 11:48:20 AM -

Training and Day 2 in Bastaan.


Wed 1 hour and Sat 1 hour stepmill

After hanging out with Murph and seeing his success with Carb Back Loading I decided to give it a run. I started out just following his plan and made some quick progress. I also got the book and realized that I needed to do the 10day deplete to get a accurate number for total daily macros and so this is day 5. Training will not be awesome but the very low carbs of 30g or less has not been awful. Weight wise I am down 8lbs already(mostly water I know) but down none the less. Murph has been a big help with setting this up.

Friday training

-chest supported band rows with green band 8x10

- cable flyes 5x20 warming up and 6x10 till failure

-mixed,machine push press working on lockout wit the cable flyes 6x10

-100lb lying tricep plate extensions. head is slightly off bench and extensions move away from the bench 6x10

-scotts curls with 45lb plates 6x10

Saturday all the dudes are in Rock Hill for the APF meet hosted by Eric Hubbs. Good luck on their day. Wasn't feeling anything after the hour stepmill so no training and just working the gym today.

Ok the fun from Day 2 and Day 3 in Bastaan.

Day 2

Hung over from the KIng A's. We got some breakfast at Savino's by the hotel which turned out to be very necessary.It was divey looking but then again most everything in Bastaan is .that is at least where we were. Food was awesome though. I was not at all into training and most just wanted to lay around the room hoping the hangover would go away or that I would go into a coma for a few hours, but part of the trip was to get Dale some work in his phenom with Murph who has more experience with this shirt then I do so off we went. I brought my Jack shirt thinking it would be a productive day. Not really when you are not into it all after the hard night at King A's. I think it should be renamed King C Sections with Bullet Holes.

Most everyone was preping and settijng up for the Meet on Saturday so we just hung around the gym for a couple of hours. We spent alot of the time in Murph's office in his two barber chairs which were amazingly comfortable. One was about a 100 years old and still worked great. This downtime was spent helping Murph pick the playlist for the show which turned out to be most of the same songs as last year with a different order. Now just hanging out with Murph is a trip. He puts half a can(yes half a can!) of dip in his lower lip at each setting To get this in place is a ritual too. First the paper towel has to be spread out on the desk just right and then watching him trying to get half the can out and in his lip is a feat by itself. Once completed the paper towel is very very carefully folded up and these old school horn rimmed glassed go on. Time for emails and work! This is also the only place in the gym with ac so people are in and out all day with questions or just f'in off.

Finally we get to some training. It is ugly for both of us but Dale gets lots of good tips that I had forgotten about along time ago and tips with the shirt I had not seen so even though it was a pile of suck ass training we both came away with some nuggets. Luckily we both moved slow enough not to throw up. I think Dale was in much better shape here then me but don't worry, that shit reverses on day 3 , well Day 4 in the meet aftermath!

Murph hooks us up with his massage therapist for somemuch needed deep tissue work after our unawesome display of benching. Finally we get done for the day there and it is off to the Brown Jug. As with most things, the original Brown Jug was a hole in the wall but this was the New Brown Jug. We have 4 girls that work for him and me, Dale and Murph. No drinking happens here as we did enough at King C Sections with Bullet Holes. But we did have 4 pizzas and 2 orders of chick parm and egg parm. The pie was great and lived up to Murphs hype. He was not happy with the new plates they had as he was used to thepaper plates of Ye Olde Brown Jug. Regardless, it was good and fantastic hangover recovery grub.

Now, I did not notice when I walked in but half of the Brown Jug is walled off for the baaar.They were playing some Micheal Jackson's Thriller songs which absolutely threw Murph into a tizzy but it was DJ in the bar so nothing could be done well without a pistol whipping. Now as we continued to eat, more music from the late 80s poured out like "whip it",not the Devo version either, Electric Slide(boogie woogie woogie,you know that shit, don't act like you don't) and many others. This era was about the time I first started going to bars so there was some time warp to early 20's Spud(with hair!)and many nights waking up with wadded dollar bills in my pockets and only pieces of the slide show from the night before playing in my head Normally, it is jsut a memory but as we finished and left for night I peered over and holy shit, it was 1988 all over again. I am not shitting you here. Really tight jeans on dude, bad haircuts, big hair and possibly some Members Only jackets. These people were my age and older still at it! Bad haircuts, open shirts, gold chains and alot of makeup on the chicks.Pretty much, if you watch Family Guy, it is the episode where Peters travels back to the 80s and is in the bar dancing with the Members only jacket and teh Flock of Seagulls haricut singing he.he...hee..he..he to the beat That is pretty much it in a nutshell.

We moved very quickly to the exit and ended the night. Entertaining day but not as much as Day 3 woul be

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trips and Training

9/3/2012 9:35:28 AM -

Training and Day 1 in Bastaan

Wed am 1 hour stepmill, Sunday 1 hour stepmill, Monday 30 mins intervals

Tues light upper
-standing abs and neutral grip pulls to the chest 10x10 each
-dumbell presses for sets of 20 wokring form 25lb to 65lb
-plate flat flyes 25lbx10 reps supersetted with body weight dipsx10 for 5 rounds
-fat rope pulls to the chest 5x10

Wed lower beat down
=Last session of the pyramid/supra max 4 week run.
-Added 10chains per side for hardest sets 595x2,645x2x2
-Last set with no chains 595x4
-Reverse hypers 3x10

Saturday Pulls. Added mats each set. All hook grip
-405x2 floor, 1matx2. 2 matx2, 3 matsx2,4 matsx2, 5 matsx2
-455x1/5 mats,505x1,545x1. this one was ugly so I called it there
-One leg press 4x8 per leg, end of each set I did 5 pauses with 2 legs to open the hips up.
-Hangin leg raise 3x9
-Leg curls 4x10

Baastan and Murph's Strongman Meet.
Wow, we had a great time up there at Murph's meet. Throughly entertained from the git go till the end and the trip home. Murph had us laughing the entire time. So here are a few tales:

Day 1 Thursday

The thing about flights everyone hates is being jammed up against someone you don't know. Luckily I am good with Dale but he hates being touched so pretty much all the flights had us as touchy buds. The flight going in was full and of course Dale and I were together with the other biggest guy on the plane all in one row! Everyone else was normal small except us. The dude on the window was 6 foot 3 or 4 and about 240 to 260, Dale in the middle at 5 11 and 330ish and me hangin off the aisle at 5 7' 245lb with about a foot of me in the aisle. Had stewardess ass and the drink cart bangin me up for 2 hours,

Murph gets us at the Airport and we are starving so off to lunch it was. The whole purpose of thetrip was to hang out, help Murph at the meet and in general eat alot of good food. Steak tips at the New Bridge was the first meal of the trip. Never had them before Bastaan style and they were great. The waitresses were suppose to be known for being really rude but they must have had a drink or two during lunch as our server was only slightly rude and ignored us for a very small amount of time.

Off to the new gym. I had been up here in 2006 for the Boston Seminar with tate, kroc, vinny d, matt rhodes, wendler and a couple of others. That gym was tiny compared to what he has going on now. The first time I walked it I thought of a maze or pagoda like in thr Bruce Lee movie, Enter the Dragon(think that is the right one with kareem abdul jabbar). Steep stairs everywhere and lots of huge rooms. The building is a v shape with 4 floors. Murph has 3 of them right now. Really cool set up. After hanging out for a bit off to the hotel for a quick laydown.

Hungry and eating time again. Murph comes and gets us and it is off to the 8/10. On the way, I hear a siren go off and I say what is that. Murph goes we are getting pulled over. The car pulls next to us and I hear this cackleing laugh like the a witch would do and then he speeds off. I ask what that was about and he says Mark was just messing with us. Murph worked at the jailhouseand retired from there recently so he is the MAN of Everett so no trouble would be fall us anywhere in Everett as I found out.

The 8/10 is another good barrr and eatery. Had a great burger and mac and cheese that was beyond awesome. Dale ate a whole pizza plus apps. The cop that pulled us over, Mark, otherwise known as Z came in an humg out with us for about a hour and half on the clock, Shorlty thereafter, 2 more cops hung out withus too for quite awhile. Plenty of bullshitery. The topic of course came to what were we going to do after dinner and the girly barrs was tops on everyone's list, well not Dale's as he is a cheap bastad. There are a couple of choices. Hot and sexy and partially nude or fully nude and questiable talent, shootings and c sections. I didn't know about the shootings till later.Guess where we went?

The joint was called King AAAthuuuurs. You have to drag the a and u out. It is mandatory in mass. I told him it was like the departed, the town and good will hunting. He tells me they are all fake accents and schools me on this. Before the weekend is up I will have it down. Bac to Aaathuurs, This is a dive of course as pretty much every building in mass looks this way.But true to its word, fully nude and then some. Lots of vibrating gentialia if you catch my drift. Murph orders some whiskey but they don't have what he wants so she tells him they have Johnny Walker red and black. He asks the price difference and she says none(not much going on in her head to tel you the truth) so immediately he says they don't have it and they are giving him some local rot gut. I stick to the yagermeister adn beers. It proves to be more then plenty Hangover is on the horizon for the next day. Later, we see Z at the gym and tell him where we went. He asks us how many c sections we saurr and then tells us about some guy who took 3 45s bullets to the chest in the doorway of King Athuurs just a few weeks back and tells us the entire story. My and Dales only thought was knowing this information beforehand would have certainly changed our minds on where to go(well probabbly not with fully nude aforementioned gentailia talent) But we survived. The next day would be very painful as we struggled to get up and get some training in.

Day 2 later.

8/19/2012 4:49:45 PM -

Wednesday and gone da rest of the week.

Wed am 1 hour cardio

Training was not easy. Wk 2 sesssion 2
-next 3 sets with 5 chains per side,615x4,645x4x2
-chains off 595x5,555x6,465x8
- 3 set of reverse hypers

Thursday through Sunday I thwer in Slat Lake City at Neil Rouzier 3 day part 1 conference hormone therapy. Most everyone was a Doctor, PA or Nurse. I asked if it was possible to take the course and they said yes so off I went. THe intensity of the course was great and I enojoyed all of it. Pretty much the goal was for physicians to be able to optimize hormone therapy utilizling bioidentical hormones(synthized from plants) in most cases. The hormones covered were growth,progesterone, testoterone,dhea, thyroid(free t3 mostly),melatonin, estrogen. We spent alot of time going over case and clinical studies and labs to find the best therapies for people. His main focus is restoring levels to that of our youth(20 to 30s) for the remainder of our lives. Really fantastic nuts and bolts course.

Now for the funnnies. Pretty much the main question that was asked when they worked up to ask was where was your practice. When I tell them I am not a physician and don't have a practice, the look on their face is priceless(pretty much fart face as in when you smell one that someone unloaded on you) They continue on with some minor pleasantries then move on.

I only had one real douche moment with this little tiny plastic surgeon from LA(i mean maybe 120 to 130lb)He friended me on the bus ride back from the compounding pharmacy we visited there(really cool by the way) You could smell the test when you walked in the front door! Anyhow after we get back and get into a lecture on estrogen he later asks me if I was hanging in there? He then something about FSH and I reply follicle stimulating hormone? I then look down at the 120lb he is and say ," when you have 12 years plus practical experience you learn a few things". He told me earlier on the bus about this guy's chest that he worked on that was perfect when he got done, but the guy wouldnt let him use it for testimonial. After his comment and my rebuttal I almost added, "Now go suck the fat out of some dude's tittie!(a get your shine box moment in my brain/goodfellas)

I really had no trouble keeping up with any of it. the abbrevations(like any cult) were the hard part.

Backing up alittle I did go to this concert in the park for about4 beers. It a local concert series there and attracts alot of people and it was only a couple blocks away. I managed a hour there, the beer was fine. There was a wide spectrum of ages there from teens to 60s. The hard part was seeign that the chicks were tougher then the dudes.I only saw a couple of dudes in decent shape. THe rest had no muscle tone, boobies and little baby belly fat. Also apparently the rolled up jeans shorts for dudes is back in and it was everywhere. THe only thought was Jesus I hope nobody invades us cause it will be a easy rout. The chicks seemed tougher but not in shape. I realize this is a outdoor concert and that not everyone is soft like this but the picture was not pretty especially the boobies that flopped when the dudes walked!

Back home MOnday night then off the Boston to hang out with the Murph next weekend!